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on your service provider costs

Software To Better Manage Your Facilities Services

Snow Removal


A Record Of Success

Nobel has spent the past decade providing services management analytics and expertise to clients across the U.S. We now service over 2,000 properties and process more than 18,000 invoices annually, saving our clients millions on snow removal costs and administrative expenses.

Contract & Portfolio Analysis

Review the portfolio, past invoices, and historical weather data to determine best contract and pricing options

Budget & Planning

Combine supplier pricing with historical weather across all of your locations to create data-driven budgets

Invoice Manage & Approval

Use our automated platform to submit, approve, and process all your vendor invoices with our custom analytics

Proven Across Diverse Sectors





Real Customers, Real Savings

“Nobel helped us achieve a savings of $2M on a total snow removal budget of $13.5M”

“We were able to eliminate an entire 6-step invoice approval process with Nobel”

“Nobel reduced our risk from slip & fall claims with their detailed service database”