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Eliminate errors and increase efficiency with automated invoice management

Suite of Services

The heart of our services solution is our SaaS platform, which allows customers to effectively manage snow removal costs and control service quality

Category Expertise

Navigate Contracts and Pricing with Absolute Transparency

  • Gain expert insights and practical tools to help you understand, negotiate, and optimize your maintenance agreements  
  • Identify inefficiencies in current pricing structure  
  • Contracts tailored to meet each property’s needs
  • Make impactful changes backed up by metrics and KPIs you can trust

Market Pricing & Analytics

Leverage Nobel’s Granular, Location-Specific Pricing Tools

  • Service frequency data can drive decisions based on total spend rather than choosing the lowest cost provider
  • Employ market analyses to make informed decisions on pricing models for your maintenance contracts
  • Ability to accurately and effectively address the market impacts of inflation

Invoice Management & Review

Software to Enable Pain-Free Invoicing

  • Automated invoice review:
    • Confirm services based on contract terms
    • Flag out of scope billing
    • Expedited dispute resolution
  • Straightforward, stress-free path from initial service to final invoice approval  
  • We’ll validate services – you focus on keeping your properties safe and accessible during the season

Accruals, Budgets & Financial Forecasts

Data-Driven Forecasts Create Financial Certainty

  • Leverage historical data to prevent high service costs with real-time monitoring tools
  • Formulate your budgets based on real data, mitigating the risk of sticker shock at the end of the year
  • Nobel provides actionable feedback to your leaders through monthly reporting on spend and operations
  • Forecast annual financial impact of your common area maintenance

Vendor Oversight

A Nationwide Database of Suppliers

  • Gain access to a curated network of vetted providers, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in every engagement.  
  • Ability to support finding local providers to increase service and responsiveness
  • Continuous collection and reporting of KPIs to improve service quality
  • Work hand-in-hand with your local teams to optimize your service quality

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